Monday, April 25, 2011

Shorty... I Heart Faces Pets Contest

Monday, April 25, 2011
This is Shorty.  Shorty is a stray that someone dropped off near our house.  It’s very sad to think someone would leave this sweetheart of a dog out in the cold to fend for himself.  But better for us and for Shorty they picked our road.  Shorty has become such a part of our family that I can’t image what it would be like without him around.  Even our fourteen year old Basset Hound, Fred, has taken a liking to him.  In fact, Shorty seems to have taken about 10 years off of old Fred’s life.  I haven’t seen him run around like he does with Shorty since he was a pup.   Sometimes I think they act like brothers.  Anyway, here is my picture of Shorty.  Check out the other amazing pictures at I Heart Faces. 


Holly Sewell- Sunfish Photography said...

love those eyes. what a lucky guy to have found your family. :-)

Shayna said...

What a sweet baby!!

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